St. Paul's Mar Thoma Church of Dallas was inaugurated by His Grace Alexander Mar Thoma Metropolitan on July 26th, 1988 mainly serving the spiritual needs of the Mar Thoma Syrian Christians living in the eastern part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This parish is part of the Diocese of North America and Europe of the Mar Thoma Syrian Christian Church of Malabar. It is traditionally believed that St. Thomas, an apostle of Jesus Christ, came to India in the year A.D. 52 and established the Church on the Malabar Coast. As the second Mar Thoma Church in Dallas, St. Paul's grew to become a strong and stable place of worship for its members.

It was not until July 1994 that St. Paul's obtained a permanent place of worship, dedicated by His Grace, the late Alexander Mar Thoma Metropolitan, the Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilus, and Rev. Eapen Cherian. A new auditorium for the parish was inaugurated in March 2000. The previous church facility, measuring 25,000 sq. ft., was noted as the longest Mar Thoma Church in the world. Our current church is located at 1002 Barnes Bridge Road, Mesquite, Texas, which is approximately 10 miles east of downtown Dallas. 108 families are members of our growing church at this time. The past vicars of our parish include the late Rev. T.I. Joseph, Rev. Eapen Cherian, Rev. P.J. Alex, Rev. Ninan Jacob, Rev. Kuruvilla Philip, Rev. Thomas Mathew, Rev. Saju Zachariah, Rev. C.K. Koshy, and Rev. A.P. Noble. Our current vicar, Rev. O.C. Kurian and family joined the St. Paul's family in 2012.